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Hi! I’m Kristie, and I’m so glad you stopped by.

As with all of Nature, change and evolution are natural and expected processes. There is death and rebirth, light giving way to darkness, continual ebbing and flowing of tidal waters. And like Nature, some of the transformations unfold over time. For me, one of those has been my Soul’s voice becoming clearer and purified. As a result of these personal changes, my website is undergoing changes as well. Bear with me. This form of technology – the digital world – is not my home. I feel more at home with the trees, animals, waters, and people.

For now, here’s a little bit about me, about you and this wonderful experience we call Life:

My Work in the world is to become who I was born to be, to embody my own medicine. For me this means that I consistently do deep personal internal work to heal traumas of this lifetime and those that span the generations. My deepest desire is to live life ever more fully from my Essence, my Soul-Self – the beingness who already exists in Divine Love. It is from my Soul-Self that I build inner relationships with all the parts of me – all my emotions, thoughts, body sensations, bringing them into relationship with Love, bringing them home. I re-member myself home – to my heart – where all my experiences in this human form are welcome. I’ve learned to do this first as a client through the therapeutic path of Internal Family Systems, and then as a practitioner of IFS. What began as a therapeutic path for me has evolved into a spiritual path that connects me to my Divinity – my Essence, my well Ancestors, and other benevolent Beings who accompany me on this journey.

With intuition as my guide, I’ve been learning to create from the place of Infinite possibility – what many refer to as The Field. In this space, there is no fear, just pure, powerful Divine Love. Limitlessness. Freedom. Sovereignty. What I’ve found is that it’s from this space that we connect with our inherent power, our true nature, our sovereignty as divine humans, indeed, all that is our birthright. In this space we heal physical, spiritual, emotional, ancestral wounds that have limited us in our daily lives. We can heal all things because time is a construct; we step outside of time and heal the body, mind, spirit accepting what we are able to at this moment in time. We can heal the body of dis-ease down to the the DNA, the mitochondria, the systems who are out of sync. The River of Love always flows and we are invited to swim in her Waters.

What I see about my true Nature is also true of you. We are Light. We are Love. And we are Human. What a beautiful manifestation of Spirit into Matter! It’s in remembering our Soul-Selves that all of humanity will evolve. Transformation comes in allowing Love – the foundational energetic resonance of the Cosmos – to be embodied more and more.

The vast majority of humans have simply forgotten who they truly are. Unlike the rest of Nature, most people live in a state of amnesia, of disconnect to their Soul-Self, of accepting the illusion instead of stepping into Reality. We are Nature. Yet the ways of living over the last several generations have created an ever-widening chasm inside of us – the illusion that not only are we not Nature, but we are above Nature, even against Nature. It is in this illusion that we find ourselves as society, standing at a precipice at this moment in time. Those of us who see the illusions for what they are and are co-creating the Reality we know is possible, all the while living amidst a divisive, disconnected reality.

It is in and through remembering and embracing our humanity and divinity – our true Nature – that we find out who we really are and what we are here on this beautiful planet to do.

So what do I offer to humanity as we walk along the precipice and find our wings? I listen and allow, which materializes through writing, podcasting (coming soon), holding space and guiding others. Through intuition celestial information flows ~ painting, singing, dancing. Healing mind, body, spirit – past, present and future. I share with others whatever is given to me, whatever overflows from my heart is first for my family and then, the rest of humanity. I do my healing, transformative work and trust the ripple effect that extends to my Ancestors before me and beyond me.

I say all this so you get a little glimpse of who I am at this point in my life – the caveat being that as I learn, heal, change, so do the messages that flow from me.

This is what I offer to you: You truly are the one you’ve been waiting for. My hope is to inspire and guide you to find all that’s within you just waiting to be born! The power of Love that is your Essence – your true Nature – is the greater Reality that we are being called to live into.

Since November 2020 our family has been going through another layer of initiation as our oldest daughter has gone through treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. We spent over 4 months living in a hospital; she got into remission. It was devastating news for us that the cancer relapsed on July 26, 2021. She is back in the hospital undergoing more chemo in hopes of remission and then on to a stem cell/bone marrow transplant. I’ve been writing my way through this journey. I invite you to follow along. 

When presented with the opportunity, I share the paradigm/movement called Internal Family Systems, as well as ancestral healing, as a way to support people in their own process of growth, healing and transformation. 

My experience over the last decade has led me to this: As we get to know the internal stories that have made up who we think we are, we find confidence and clear vision. A natural overflow of this is that we take ownership of our lives on all levels – health, creativity, relationships, parenting, work, ways of living…all of it! And then as all of this is unfolding, we naturally unleash our goodness into the world. It truly is a ripple effect…heal ourselves, stand in our freedom and sovereignty, and the energetic frequency moves into the world…transformation is inevitable. Focus on YOU becoming who you truly are and the rest will take care of itself!